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Mullican Leadership Group





Helping you become a calm, respected, and confident leader 



  • Think more clearly

  • Increase your creativity

  • Bring peace to your team

  • Live a healthier life


  • Enhance your team’s performance

  • Improve trust within your team

  • Strengthen your team’s competency

  • Build your team’s confidence in you

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  • Accelerate your business

  • Establish your expertise

  • Demonstrate your decision-making abilities

  • Generate respect as a leader 

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Jon Mullican, MSOD

As the founder of Mullican Leadership Group (MLG), I have a passion for emerging leaders who recognize their potential and want more out of themselves and their teams. I love helping individuals become calm, connected, and confident leaders. I foster these abilities in my clients by listening to their stories and using my own leadership experience as a lighthouse for my coaching. I believe in creating an atmosphere of calm, along with solid relational connections to help leaders guide their teams to exceptional performance.


I graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1985 with a degree in chemistry. I served as a nuclear power officer aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72. I worked in corporate America for 10 years before turning to administrative leadership in churches, which eventually led me to non-profit leadership. I earned a Master’s of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University in 2005. I live outside of Dallas in Sunnyvale, Texas, with Dana, my wife of 38 years. We have three adult children, who are wonderful.

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